Introducing the Rook and Rose Trilogy!

Last summer, we fell headfirst down a hole and emerged a few months later with a novel we’d written together. Marie blogged about it here, Alyc here. After tossing it back and forth between beta readers, our agents, and each other, we started shopping it around this past spring.

This week, we accepted a deal from Orbit Books to publish it as the first book of the Rook and Rose trilogy! It will be coming out under the joint pen name M.A. Carrick (there’s a story there, but that’s for later).

What is it? Epic fantasy. But that sells it short. It has fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, and miracles, and we’re only sorry we didn’t manage to get a giant in there; maybe we can make somebody really tall during editorial revisions? Also the kind of worldbuilding that happens when you let two anthropologists off their leashes. It has a con artist, a vigilante, and capers as flirtation. It has normalized queerness and weird dream shit because we love that stuff, yo. It has noble politics and street gangs and deception layered so deep that Marie literally made a color-coded chart at one point about who knew what, which persona of theirs knew it, and whether other people knew they knew it.

More news to come as this moves from editing into production. A few of our beta readers are already creating art for us, and at some point we’re going to run a Kickstarter for the divinatory card system that Marie developed for the book. A little over a year ago, all we had was an idea. Now we have a book deal. Soon, we’ll have a book! These things move faster than you think. We hope you’ll all come along with us for the ride.

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with what has sort of become our unofficial theme song:

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  1. […] BVC member Marie Brennan is putting on another hat! Having written the first volume of an epic fantasy trilogy with fellow author (and longtime friend) Alyc Helms, she is delighted to announce today that they have sold the Rook and Rose series to Orbit Books. It will be published under the joint pen name of M.A. Carrick, and you can follow them on Twitter @ma_carrick. More details about Rook and Rose at their new website! […]


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